Wednesday, October 2, 2013

New begining for an old blog

I have used this blog to promote my business in the past.  I deleted all the old post and am starting all over again.
I am going to post my predictions on the demise of our great country.  This will be my "I told you so" proof that I am not a raving lunatic - I just see things as they are.

I have a bunch of stupid stories that illustrate points that I will post
I have a bunch of predictions about how unthinkable things will come to pass (with thunderous applause) to bring down our current way of life and usher in the new deal.

To set the record spinning in the right direction and to let you know where my views are to start with, here are a few statements... I could preface all these statement s with "I believe..."

  1. Our government is ruled by corrupt people - it has been since November 3rd 1966
  2. Every President since then has been a goat, or a pawn
  3. Presidential elections are no more real than any reality TV show
  4. There is a grand plan at work, the final chapters were written a long time ago, and everything that has happened (or caused to happen) have been stratigic and planned
I use a few tricks to help me determine what is real and what isn't
  • If something defies common since there is something else in play 
  • If something happens that is almost too hard to believe - it shouldn't be believed
  • It is OK to ask more questions, and when the answers are "off" it is OK to disbelieve