Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Clever Christopher on wbesite value

I got a call this morning from an agent getting out of the business who was looking to sell his website. I never did find out how much he was asking but the only thing he really had to offer was a nice URL. I checked on the site and the on site SEO was all messed up, there was nothing of value as far as the design of the site, He only has one inbound links and is not coming up on Google for any keyword other than his name. If I can buy urls for $7.50 on godaddy all day every day why pay anything for an existing site that is for sale that doesn't have any traffic? There is some value in a nice address and having some time on the site is nice but I can't see any value other than that.

I am pounding away building sites with good on site SEO, great inbound links and actual results on the search engines. Check out the smack down we are having on Bellingham Realtors and Clever Christopher

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