Monday, January 4, 2010

Clever Christopher on the web!

There are three websites in my face on my keyword and I intend to chase them off with a little blogging and links dropping.

I have 1 - 7 on the keyword Clever Christopher and I want all 10!

As of today January 4 2010
#1 is this blog!
#3 About page from above .com
#4 Google maps page for my GLBC listing for Clever Christopher
#5 - some random blog I have
#6 business listing for Clever Christopher
#7 Some guys blog on my-opera - dork!
#8 A construction company - needs to move along!~
#9 One of my facebook pages
#10 someone's myspace page - that needs to go away!

So here are a few votes for the old bean counters at the Googleplex
Clever Christopher
Bellingham Realtors

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